We are happy to receive interest from single divers or tour organisers aswell. At the center we speak Hungarian and English. We are ready to help all levels of divers. From complete begginers to technical divers. We also offer courses to new divers aswell as technical courses. It is also possible to rent equipment at us, and the gas mixing for technical dives are not a problem.

Offseason: January 10. – May 31.
Main Season: June 01.- September 30.
Offseason: October 01. – December 10.

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Diving tripsPre,- and OffseasonMain Season
Dive spots on the side of the diving center within 5 Nm; (minimum 3 dives)35€35€
Dive spots on the side of the diving center further then 5 Nm; (minimum 3)40€40€
Special boat diving spots on the open sea:45€45€
Dive spots in the National Parks:45€45€
Night dive with boat:45€45€
Night dive from shore:40€40€
Shore dive in Savar:40€40€
Snorkelling 1 boat dive with equipment40€50€
1 dive within 5 nautical miles50€50€
2 dive/day within 5 nautical miles80€80€

It is also possible to reserve diving and accomodation in a package. For diving groups and schools we offer other discounts as well.

We answer all of the written inquirys.


Equipment rentalsOccasionPrice in €
Mask, snorkel, boots, fins (ABC)1 day15 €
Gloves1 day5 €
Steel tank DIN/INT (12L, 15L)1 day20 €
Weight belt with weights1 day10 €
BCD jackets1 day7 €
Regulator1 day10 €
Wetsuit1 day15 €
Full equipment package1 day30 €
Dive computer1 day7 €
Dive light1 day7 €
Compass1 day3 €
SUEX VR-XJ Scooter1 day60 €


Dive coursesInfoPrice in €
Introductory Dive – Discovery Dive1 occasion80 €
Refresh Course (theory, open water exercises) 1/2 day1 occasion80 €
Open Water Diver + Registration (fee +60€)3 - 5 days450 €
Advence OWD + Registration (fee +60€)2 - 3 days400 €
Deep Diver + Registration (fee +60€)1 - 2 days200 €
Rescue Diver + Registration (fee +60€)3 - 5 days300 €
Nitrox Diver + Registration (fee +60€)1 - 2 days200 €
Speciality Diver + Registration (fee +60€)1 day100 €


Tank FillingInfoPrice in €
Air(12l/diver tank)5 €
Nitrox EAN32(12l/diver tank)9 €
Nitrox EAN36(12l/diver tank)9 €
Nitrox EAN40(12l/diver tank)10 €
Heliumper liter inflatedon request
Oxygenper liter inflated2 €
Booster usage1 diver20 €


Optional ServicesInfoPrice in €
Dive master (Max 2 beginner divers)1 day100 €
Private charter with captain1 dayon request
Guest on the ship (non diver)1 person20 €
Entry into Kornati National Park for non divers1 day15 €
Entry into Telascica National Park for non divers (jan-may;oct-dec; jun-sept)1 person15/20 €
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