Diving spots

The diving spots are around Dugi Otok island and all of them can be reached from the shore by our boats.
Because of this the Telascica and Kornati National Parks are also in reach at the south, and we can get to Ledenik by boat at north. On the other side of the island even the technical divers can see some new things. If the boat trip would be too long then we organise a car transfer to a closer bay.
The diving spots depend on where the boat departs and arrives.

Diving spots on the side of the diving center

Within 5 Nautical miles: Ravica, Wreck doc, Turoscak, Reef Turoscak, Parda, Rava, Wreck small.

Over 5 Nautical miles: Gorgonia garden, Island zut, Kamenar (murter), Ledenik wreck, Davide bay.

Diving spots on the side of the open sea (special):

Bribinscica, Zaglavic, Mezanj, Golubinka, Seselja, Kampanel,

Diving spots inside of the National Parks (special):

National Parks: Kornati National Park, Telascica National Park

Mana, Rasip, Garmenjak veli, Garmenjak Mali, Sesterica, Lopata, Borovnik, Vela panitula

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